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Sofidel Heavenly Soft® Kitchen Big Roll Towel - 250 ct.

Sofidel Heavenly Soft® Kitchen Big Roll Towel - 250 ct.

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Dart® Uptown™ Thermo-Glaze® Foam Cup - 12 oz., Blue

Keeps hot beverages hot and cold beverages cold while remaining comfortable to the touch. Because this premium line of insulated Thermo-Glaze® cups keeps beverages at their proper serving temperature, coffee will taste fresher longer than when it's served in a paper cup.

Manufacturers Item #12X16TWN

Genpak® Pleated Portion Cup - 1.0 oz.

Available in .5 oz. To 5.5 oz. sizes.

Manufacturers Item #F100

Solo® Bare® Eco-Forward® Clay-Coated Paper Plate - 9"

Over-varnish on a clay-coated paper for moisture-resistance. Made from 99% plant-based renewable resources. Light weight and economical. White. Ideal for light foods and sandwiches.

Manufacturers Item #LP9B-2054

Thaw Master Ice Melt - 50 lb. Bag

An economical and very productive ice melter coated with AMC. AMC is the catalyst that ignites melting power, speeds the melting process while being safe to you and the outdoors. THAW MASTER is also coated with calcium and magnesium chloride, two high powered melters, which combine to quickly generate heat and draw moisture from the air to ensure a speedy thaw even at temperatures as low as -5 degrees F. Safe on concrete and treated wood when used as directed. Will not cause skin irritations or harmful side effects. Safe to vegetation and wildlife when used as directed. Unlimited shelf life. Needs no special storage or handling.

Manufacturers Item #980-0050

Empress™ 1-Ply White Luncheon Napkin - 11" x 12.75"

Very popular, due to their presence in the retail market. Poly-wrap packaging facilitates handling and assures proper storage. White. Great for break rooms, concession stands and smaller meals.

Manufacturers Item #LN125001

Champion Sprayon® Vista Cleer™ Glass Cleaner - 20 oz.

A blend of surfactants. Foaming formula clings to vertical surfaces without dripping or running. Does not contain ammonia, alcohol, silicone or abrasives. Leaves no film, streaks or hazing. SprayAnyWay™ valve. Fast drying with a fresh and clean scent.

Manufacturers Item #5155

Lightning Fast Ice Melt - 50 lb. Bag

Melts to -12° F. Professional strength speed with long-lasting power. Features a blue, food-based dye which makes applying the product a cinch. Dye is non-staining, soluble in water, harmless to animals. Harmless to humans, and the environment. 3-chloride blend; Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium.

Manufacturers Item #940-0050

NOVA® Facial Tissue - 100 ct.

2 ply. Absorbent and of the highest quality. Specially manufactured with care. 30 per case.

Manufacturers Item #NOVA100

Spring Grove White Fluted Paper Plate - 9"


Manufacturers Item #421286
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